Enjoy extended viewing comfort Low Blue Light Technology


The interactive flat panels are built with BenQ's Low Blue Light Technology to reduce uncomfortable blue light emission, which causes eyestrain and eye fatigue. The Low Blue Light Technology features the Classroom mode that combats the possible viewing discomfort associated with blue lights.

Digital Signage RP840G

Anti-glare Glass


The screen's anti-glare glass reduces reflection, for more legible text and clearer images, helping your audience avoid eyestrain and facilitating more effective presentations.

Digital Signage RP840G



• AG glass minimizes interfering glare on the screen surface.

Digital Signage RP840G



• Conventional glass is prone to suffer from eye-irritating glare.



Easier access to the OSD menu

Access the OSD menu with the touch of your fingers. This is straight forward to use and allows users to switch video source, change volume and brightness using your touch. This provides you a more intuitive way to use the interactive flat panel without the help of a remote controller.



Multi-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with major operating systems from Windows to Mac, Linux and Chrome, the RP840G is built to work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices with a simple plug and play.



DisplayNote Software

TheThe DisplayNote software is a cross platform solution that facilitates real-time collaboration across multiple computing and smart devices, enabling everyone to stream content and contribute to the presentation. The Wireless Desktop Control feature further allows presenters to mirror and wirelessly control their PC from anywhere in the room, allowing them to further engage their audience.






Built-in EZWrite Software


The EZWrite Software supports the annotation function easily. With this built-in whiteboard function, educators and presenters are able to write and paint directly without the need to be hooked up to any device, like a PC or notebook.


Easy to Manage

Multiple Display Administrator Software (LAN only)

Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) saves time and effort by providing remote management of BenQ RP840G. MDA also supports remote shutdowns of equipment not in use, saving significant power costs.


Ultra-High-Definition Resolution


A 4K, ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution offers over 300% more working space than a 1080p full high-definition (FHD) resolution. Presenters and audiences now can experience the most detailed on-screen viewing while collaborating over content.