Professional Gaming Monitor Produced by BenQ, XL2720Z
























Gaming Refresh rate Optimization Management (GROM)











BenQ manages to provide more than just the refresh rate feature for different resolutions to reach more levels of optimal refresh rates (100/120/144Hz) with Gaming Refresh rate Optimization Management (GROM), which aims to bring users the incomparable gaming performance.


















Black eQualizer




BenQ Black eQualizer independently brightens dark areas without overexposing preexisting bright spots, allowing users to detect hidden enemies.






Black eQualizer enabled


Black eQualizer disabled






Black eQualizer disabled










Black eQualizer enabled
















Motion Blur Reduction




Motion Blur Reduction further alleviates ghosting and trailing caused by rapid movements and visual motion, providing the ultimate experience in terms of fluidity and speed.













Motion Blur Reduction disabled
Motion Blur Reduction enabled









FPS Mode




A customized mode designed to improved FPS gameplay performance by utilizing Black eQualizer and Instant Mode functions, providing optimal visibility and speed in FPS games.
















If you are concerned with your eye health over long gaming sessions, BenQ has provided the answer.
















Traditionally, monitors adjust the brightness of screens by using an on/off backlight. Through this, our eyes experience an unnoticeable “flickering effect”, resulting in dry, tired eyes. Unlike the traditional methods, BenQ’s flicker-free technology utilizes a direct current backlight to alleviate flickering, improving eye comfort over long sessions. 

















BenQ’s Low Blue Light Mode



Monitors, fluorescent lights and cellphones, generate blue light, similar to ultraviolet light. Overexposure to blue light can cause macular degeneration or sleeping disorders. The Low Blue Light Mode of XL2720Z can be adjusted from level 1 to level 100, giving the user complete control over the visual effect.



Game Mode Loader




Directly loads the selected preexisting monitor settings of a professional gamer onto the users gaming monitor; profiles are updated regularly via theBenQ Gaming website.














Display Mode & Smart Scaling




Adjustment options provide full customization of viewing area size depending on the users preferences, multimedia or gaming uses.

The size is manually adjusted in the screen using Display Mode customization: 17", 19"(4:3)/19"(5:4), 19"W, 21.5"W, 22"W, 23"W, 23.6"W, 24W, 27W and Smart Scaling.








S-Switch Remote Control




The S-Switch is a specially designed remote controller which includes three hot keys and a scrolling wheel which allows users to change settings on the fly. Up to three profiles can be saved for easy storage and changing of game and multimedia settings.





Moving to other menu by rolling a wheel, choosing by clicking

Back or opening the menu with a higher level

Three hot keys (Calling a stored setup)

*S-Switch is convenient as it can move separately and be put on the lower part of left or right of a monitor






















By providing Nvidia 3D Vision 2 compatibility users who have purchased an Nvidia 3D Vision Kit can experience immersive 3D gaming and multimedia playback.









OSD button




A backlit, touch OSD button allows users to control the UI more efficiently, enabling quick settings changes.
















Improved User Convenience and Function




A built in carry handle which can withstand over 4 times the monitors weight enables users to securely transport the monitor. A headphone hook for headset storage and convenience has been integrated into the top neck of the monitor. The bottom neck of the monitor includes a built-in cable routing hole for improved cable management.





Carry handle for easy transportation

Headset hanging hook for peripheral storage

Cable routing hole for easy management