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6-point Multi-Touch Display 46"

Engage with Customers
BenQ IL460's 6-point touch display creats for more interactivity. Customers can engage with your contents, discover information and make their own choices to create more business opportunities with you in a two-way manner.
6-point multi-touch display(IR)
Anti-image retention
Multiple display administrator
Optimized for portrait mode
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6-point Multi-Touch Display


Based on the infrared (IR) technology, this advanced design eliminates most "dead zones" and boosts pointing precision. 6-Point Multi-touch provides users enhanced interactivity by allowing multiple people to participate in any given presentation. The new dust-proof sensors enable more reliable performance in both portrait and landscape modes.


24 / 7 Operation


With an amazing average life of 50,000 hours, the IL Series is designed for full commercial operation 24/7, which is ideal for high traffic areas such as airports and shopping malls.






Anti-Image Retention


The IL460 panel is specifically designed for digital signage and eliminates the risk of burned-in effects even after an extended period of usage. This is perfect for designing dynamic content that can utilize the whole screen without ghost images.






Easy Interactive Video Wall Without a Splitter


Analog Daisy Chaining is the easiest way to build a video wall. You can simply connect up to 9 displays through VGA cables without using splitters; the screen can show a mirrored image or form a 3x3 configuration for an enlarged viewing area.


Picture-in-Picture (PiP) & Picture-by-Picture (PbP) Modes


The picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes enable the screen to display content from two independent video sources simultaneously for more convenience and flexibility. You can resize or relocate the picture anywhere on the screen for maximum effect.


Energy Saving Ambient Light Sensor


An integrated sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness according to the lighting condition of the surrounding environment to optimize the image and reduce power when it's not needed. As the brightness adjusts to the ambient light, the display can reduce energy consumption by 40% to 50%.






Multiple Display Administrator


The MDA (Multiple Display Administrator) application controls up to 98 displays simultaneously through the local network or serial port; it also monitors the health of displays and coordinates a sequential startup to prevent power surges.





Scheduling Management


The feature enables users to designate up to seven sets of on/off times for IL Series displays, down to individual video input sources. This not only eliminates the need to switch displays on/off manually, but also cuts power bills with precisely scheduled agendas.


RS232 / LAN Control


BenQ IL Series supports remote administration via the built-in RJ45 Ethernet or the RS232 serial interface. Routine tasks such as OSD settings and firmware upgrades can be performed from the control server to the daisy-chained displays.






Portrait Mode Optimized


Traditional digital signage panels displayed in portrait mode tend to experience a lack of image uniformity. Dark spots or patches may appear on the edges and distort the image. This phenomenon is known as “Mura”. BenQ's IL460 is designed to prevent this effect thus optimizing image uniformity for images displayed in portrait mode.


DisplayPort - Expand to all Connectivity


DisplayPort is a new standard for digital audio/video transmission. With the whopping 10.8Gbps bandwidth, DisplayPort keeps your content attractive and distortion-free in longer distances than conventional DVI and HDMI.