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Signage & Interactive

Narrow Bezel design (each bezel 10.4mm) 50"

BenQ SV500 MDA LED Signage
Better information for your customers, the best solution for your business- create a great shopping experience with BenQ's SV500 value digital signage.
The SV500 is a value solution for digital signage that's perfect for presenting information, marketing messages, and other content to customers. Give text, audio, images, and video the visual impact that will captivate customers and enhance the image of your business.
Portrait mode to give your customers the best view
Simple daisy chain to create a video wall instantly
MDA to manage multiple devices easily
EZ Suite Software to access and play back your content without hassles
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Give your customers the best view


The SV500 delivers crisply rendered, vibrantly colored images and video in Full HD resolution. For added flexibility, you can use the SV500 to display in either landscape or portrait orientations, while the energy-efficient LED backlight provides a bright picture while saving on electricity costs. 







Take advantage of portrait mode


BenQ puts extra attention on optimizing portrait mode, which in many scenarios is more effective than landscape. The LED-backlit panel features stronger attachment points on all edges to prevent the “Mura” image distortion common on consumer displays when used in portrait orientation. 







Create a video wall instantly

The SV500 makes it easy to set up a stunning video wall. Simply daisy chain up to four SV500 units—there’s no need for a separate video signal splitter. The SV500’s in/out VGA/DVI ports let you display content from either analog or digital sources, and the SV500’s super-thin bezel makes it ideal for building a video wall.


2x2 Display without Splitters







Manage multiple devices easily


Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) offers remote management of multiple digital signages, saving time and effort. In addition to providing greater convenience, MDA enables powerful functionality such as integration with scheduling systems, email notifications of arising issues, centralized monitoring, and the ability to easily shut down equipment that is not in use, saving your business significant power costs. 











Access and play back your content without hassles


The SV500 frees you from the need to connect a PC, fussing with cables and complex settings. Simply plug a flash drive with your content into the SV500’s USB port to access files in popular formats such as MP4 and JPEG for display or playback.